Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evidence of Age

Preparation H, cortizone shots, grey hair . . . and today I decided to take a dive off the high dive at the Hurricane Community Pool. Question: If you stand on the end of the diving board and lean so that you end up simply falling forward, do you end in a dive? Answer: Yes and if you're old, you end up pulling your hamstrings in the process.

On the other hand, my dad had a conversation with a friend who asked how old his daughter (me) was following one of my periodic games of basketball with the old men. My dad said, "How old do you think?" He responded, "High school?"

Age is all about perception, clearly. Sigh.


Mary Ann said...

That's pretty funny. But you've left me wondering if you have actually used Preparation H or had cortizone shots...

glarcy said...

I'm curious why mary ann didn't wonder if you actually have gray hairs.