Sunday, January 9, 2011

. . . Still Here

I have experienced a bit of carryover in my ability to relax from the lovely break I had in Cambria for Christmas. Just a few words to summarize the time there. Delightful chaos with Steve and Joyce's kids. Debilitating chaos when children broke down. Peace (maybe as a result of the solitude following their departure). 10 hours of sleep. Book reading. Tennis. Eating out. Looking for Moonstones. Moments of pure love for Steve and Joyce, their kids, and those two people I adore and enjoy spending time with, my mom and dad. Remembering the Savior and his goodness I see in my life. Not having a to-do list.

My dad enjoying the sun room

January miracle- I offer a formal apology to Melissa and Carla for unrighteously judging their nightly pilgrimages to the microwave. Their "rice bags" have changed my life in this old, drafty, yet lovely home of mine. They are simply fabric shells with rice inside. After a mere 1 minute in the microwave, they are slipped into the foot of the bed where my feet soon nestle against them. Joy. That's what they bring. Though I do propose one change in their construction. Slip covers. I can imagine not sleeping quite as well a month from now when I'm thinking of how my feet have touched the same fabric for a while. OCD. Good thing winter only lasts so long.


CZ said...

Just so you know...I have made slip covers for rice bags on occasion. I just didn't have time...but uour birthday is coming up and I can help you with your doesn't have to ruin the rice bag experience :)

glarcy said...

I just throw my rice bags away after each winter... And apology accepted.