Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Nose

My mom has been giving me miniature packages of tissues in my stocking at Christmas-time for a while now. Thus, when I moved, I made note of my 10-year supply.

I turned 35 in February.

Prior to this event, but post-move, I noticed a change in my body. I have a perma-runny nose. It's not bad, just a little leaky, like a dripping faucet, only a slow dripping faucet. I have to wipe my nose at least 5 times a day, and a casual sleeve or back of the hand wipe doesn't do it, I have to use, that's right, kleenex. If I don't, then, because we live in Utah, it dries into nice, visible crusties (cobwebs in the closet) at the bottom or top of the nose. I've found that it's hard to try to chip away the crusties in public without appearing to be picking your nose. So it's less socially awkward to grab a kleenex immediately when the faucet starts to leak.

Did my mom know it was coming? Was she preparing me for 35? Is there some anatomical change in the nose that everyone knows of but me?

So I've recently put a package of kleenex in my purse. I'm sure the temple bag, car, coat pocket, etc. are locations that are soon to follow. Next step . . . hanky?


Jeff said...

I had that problem in elementary school. I admit it, I carried a hanky with me at all times.

Mary Ann said...

My nose has been leaky ever since I had Hannah, so I figured it had something to do with that. Now I'm guessing it's just because I'm getting old like you. But you're definitely not old enough to start carrying a hanky. :)

glarcy said...

on to more important questions: Are you a folder or a wadder? From the looks of that last picture with the nifty snot-catching pocket, I'd guess a folder.

I'd say that I've noticed the same thing about my nose lately! It seems to run a lot, but it doesn't ever seem to dry. It's also just congested a lot. Another reason I'm an old lady.

Stacey said...

Well, I'm a wadder with toilet paper definitely. Does that mean I'm a wadder with a hanky? Wait, I'm a folder with kleenex. I can't believe such a contradiction exists within me!

Eric said...

Hopefully it's not cerebral spinal fluid being forced out of your head by the increased size of your brain from too much intelligence. I hear that's a real problem among Freemans.