Saturday, December 3, 2011

The DR

. . . apparently that's what everyone calls it. Here are a few pics.

One of my favorites . . . notice the pregnant looking man in the water. Be glad his speedo and outy belly button are too far away to see.

Danielle, Erin and I

Beach crush. Killer smile. French/Spanish dictionary in hand. He thought I was French:)

Good times on the beach. The song stuck in my head . . . "Que tipo do pescado? El Dorado, El Dorado, El Dorado."

This is definitely the best shot of the things we saw people carrying on their little motorbikes.

Baseball game. The fans were unbelievably energetic.

Early morning surfing with Erin. Surfing might be used flexibly for what I actually accomplished.

Thanksgiving Dinner. The guy on the left is Boyd, the one I had been out with. Random. I'm pretty sure his love was rekindled for me during the trip:)

Darling kids


The Beazer Bunch said...

Loved the blog! Made me laugh and miss Honduras(just alittle though).
Hoe fun to have and untraditional Thanksgiving

Mary Ann said...

This much-anticipated post did not disappoint. Love the gorgeous beach and sunset pics. Love the pregnant dude. Love your 2 crushes. Hate the name Boyd. Love the cute kids and the guy on the bike. And LOVE that you went to a baseball game in the DR. :)