Friday, December 19, 2008

Happiness is . . .

After spending an hour and fifteen minutes on State Street going from Orem to Provo, I feel particularly thoughtful. Not frustrated. Just happy. It might be that it's Friday. It might be that I have two weeks ahead of me where I don't have to get up at a specific time. It's the little things, you know, that put me in good moods like this. Even the fact that Bush signed the bailout didn't even put a damper on my mood. Even the 17 hyper children that I was around didn't affect it. Odd. But I'll take it.

I had this book growing up called, "Happiness is a Warm Puppy". The pages went something like this . . . "Happiness is . . . a good hug", and so on page after page. So I would say today that Happiness is

1- Christmas Break
2- Impending alarmless mornings
3- Conversations on State Street
4- Reading other people's blogs
5- Ensign articles before going to bed
6- Sitting in a room alone and being able to pass gas as much as I want:)

Merry Christmas!


glarcy said...

I'm sure glad I didn't disturb your happiness moment #6. Some moments are definitely happier spent alone :)

Boyce said...

I'm glad you keep #6 to yourself! You CRACK me up!!!