Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Amusements

- On Friday I went to take back some cami-type undershirt things that didn't quite fit perfectly. The gal at the counter explained that they only do in-store credit or exchanges. Who does that? Then she proceeded to explain that it was clearly typed at the top of the receipt- that, might I add, was given to me AFTER I purchased the articles of clothing. Brilliant.

- Watching a handicapped bodybuilder do a flexing routine to a song. Is this normal for the bodybuilding world?

- Visiting a friend with an infection in her lip and listening to her talk without pronouncing b's and p's. Don't worry. She was laughing at herself, too, which of course made her feel more pain. It was a brief visit.

- Donning the "I heart Nerdy Boys" socks a date late but, whatever, Mary Ann used them way after she and Scott's first date, and they still worked. I might have nonchalantly advertised them while talking about something on my shoes. What? You say the power is not in the socks?


glarcy said...

good work on posting again :) I'm glad you would fill me in on your weekend, since I wasn't here for it. Also, it looks like you've got the inserting pictures down pat...good job!

Boyce said...

I like #1....made me laugh because I could just imagine your confusion and frustration. :)

Jeff said...

Robyn didn't use the socks until a little later. I don't remember exactly when it was, but it wasn't our first date.