Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doing More of Nothing

A friend sent this to me today. She said it was me. I appreciate friends that know me well and don't judge me for my lifestyle.

New insights during my time of doing nothing:

Hummingbirds have tongues. I saw one stick it out while on the hammock the other day.

Quail can fly. One jumped on the roof of a small shed. I guess I've always just seen them walking their little entourage of hatchlings here and there.

The ocean is mesmerizing. One can watch it for extended periods of time without experiencing boredom.

A sit in the jacuzzi serves many worthwhile purposes- one being- ghetto bath.

Time spent on a hammock with a two year old making animal noises and singing songs can be the highlight of a day.

Sometimes on vacation your metabolism slows down and you have to consciously remember to wait until you are hungry to eat instead of just eating at meal times.


glarcy said...

wow..that totally is you! ah, summer....

i have always secretly felt the same way about hot tubs. so much chlorine in there that any living organism should be dead by the time you get out.

jojoba said...

I agree with the jacuzzi statement. Also with the ocean statement. I love the ocean, and am therefore sad that I haven't seen it in a long time.

R said...

I'm glad to see you and B bonded on the hammock. :)
She sure loves her "Aunt Tacey."
Hope you enjoy your last day there.