Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doing nothing

I realized something yesterday. A normal day on this little coast vacation is a little different than my average day at home.

It involves things like this:

- Waking up at six-ish to the sun coming through the uncovered windows and promptly telling myself to go back to bed until eight-ish.

- Playing tennis.

- Getting in the jacuzzi.

- Drying off on the hammock from which I spot nicely formed spider webs. Making a mental note to check the spider web at different times of the day to see when the light is best to take a picture of it.

- Playing guitar. Playing guitar again. Noticing while I'm playing guitar the pot of limes that has just the perfect amount of light on them . . . and taking a picture or two.

- Listening to a book on CD in my favorite spot. Then turning the book on CD off when I notice a bird on a wire making all sorts of noise. Counting how many different kinds of calls it makes. Wondering who it's calling to.

- Turning the book on CD on again only to turn it off when I notice a spider right outside the window in my favorite spot. He just came upon the prey he caught in his web. Is he going to wrap it up in a ball like all of the movies portray. I don't see any web coming out but maybe it's just my angle. He plays with it a little. Maybe just to get to know it. Then, you won't believe this, he drops it! He dropped his prey. That's one sad spider.

- Of course, doing things with my family.


glarcy said...

that is one amazing picture of limes! btw- what will you do with all those? I am really happy about this daily routine you've created for yourself. But, I think you have one or two more things yet to create to entertain yourself in the jacuzzi.

Nicki said...

Hi Stace! I love reading your blog!.. and I love you! I can't get through this without thinking about your first day of school:) It still makes me smile!