Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I am the owner of an oregano plant.

There are downsides to living in a small town. Today as I stepped into The Cookie Crock (the bigger of the two grocery stores in Cambria) and surveyed my list of things to buy for Carla's watermelon-mango chicken recipe, I was informed by the produce boy that they didn't carry fresh oregano. When I saw the price tag- $7.39- on the dry oregano, my frugal self put my foot down. It was fresh or none. So I went to the other store, a neighborhood store the size of my Shadowridge condo, and of course found nothing but was referred to another place, who referred me to another place (all within walking distance) who happened to have an oregano plant for $3.99.

So the owners of this house we're renting might just spot a new plant when they come home. With my luck I'll probably plant it next to the resident oregano plant. Though I did spy some dry oregano in their cupboard after my shopping trip. I guess they relented.


glarcy said...

these are my favorite kind of blog posts! The inhumanity of small town grocery stores kills me.

btw - word verification for this comment is "pollyps". I wonder how you feel about that.

jojoba said...

This is an argument for each person having an herb garden. And it's not just small towns. I can get some fresh herbs in Lubbock, but they cost like $4 for a few little leaves.