Monday, July 6, 2009


It's a lovely thing.

Day 1: Driving to California with my 21 year old neice, Christina. Came to the realization that she's better than a book on CD.

Day 2: Sandcastle Contest watching. Watched fireworks over the water. Sat in traffic hoping my niece wouldn't loose her dinner.

The group

It's a snake.

A hand of cards!

Day 3: Took my first real nap. The kind where waking up is an hour affair.

Day 4: Eat, tennis, eat, the beach, eat, sit around. My life is hard.


glarcy said...

wow. amazingly hard :) especially that nap. that would be hard for me.

R said...

Love the surf board picture.
Love the blog!
And love that you have vacation for so long!
Enjoy it!