Sunday, May 24, 2009

The End is in Sight

I have refrained from doing the normal countdown of school days for two reasons. I hate to point out to my friends who don't have summer breaks that they don't have summer breaks. Second, I'm not sure I want to let this class go. The other day I asked them if they would stay in 2nd grade and they agreed it was a good idea. About two months into the year, I finally realized just how much I love these kids. They are unbelievably cheerful, forgiving, generous, full of energy, excited about every assignment I give, and hilarious (mostly Nicho). It's at moments like these that I forget the days I hated teaching this class (days when Hannah didn't get her medication, the first month at school when their attention spans were seemingly 2 seconds, days when Hannah did get her medication, but seemingly didn't:).

This week we have played kickball, done string art, had the dance festival, played math games, gone to assemblies. Next week we clean, have field day, watch the Tale of Despereaux, do string art, play kickball, have a party. I love the end of school.

I hear tales of the 1st graders that are in our school that make me want to retire. But we teach them all. Maybe after two months, I'll realize I love them, too!

Favorite moments:

- Nicho- asking why he threw up in his mouth. Everyday with him really.

- Hannah- her consistency- making poor choices one day and always having a fantastic day the next.

- Logan- saying he doesn't want to go home at least once a week.

- Tyler- watching his competitiveness drive him to tears 3 times in a day.

- Ben- watching him chase after a feather 5, 10, 20 feet away during dance festival practice. He's always that far away in his mind from what we're doing.

- Hugs. Being plastered by them upon entering and leaving the room.
- Coming back from a vacation weekend realizing I really did miss them.

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glarcy said...

a perfect tribute to your close to perfect year. for your sake I hope next year is just like it.