Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall break

I've decided that whoever instituted fall break was inspired. It only makes sense. There's a summer break, Christmas (winter) break, and spring break. There must be a fall break. Plus, it feels right in my heart. Mind and heart, right? That's how you know.

So I went to Texas. The highlights were:
1. Being called my sister's daughter in the German deli. Anyone who knows her CANNOT repeat that because she was safe in the bathroom at the time.

2. Getting to know my niece's love for being in the buff. Yes, that's her sidled up next to me in the picture below. Cute thing.

3. Overhearing a conversation between my brother-in-law and my sister while in the hotel bathroom. It was something like this.

H: I need Stacey to look at this shirt I bought.
K: What happened to my opinion.
H: You have to say I look good.
K: Well I think you look good in anything you wear, or don't wear:)
Me: I heard that!

4. Realizing that I had a three hour layover in Denver. I love airport time.

1 comment:

glarcy said...

looks like you went with full disclosure...I support it, but hope it doesn't come back to bite you :)