Saturday, December 19, 2009

Planning to be Spontenous

Today I woke up happy. It was a nice surprise even at 6:30 in the morning. Maybe I was happy because I purposely didn't plan anything to do today. Okay I had two things I HAD to do but they were to happen at my leisure. Sometimes I have to plan to be spontaneous. It's so against my nature. Apparently I even have an unconsciously planned way of eating an apple (as observed by two onlookers at the faculty lunchroom table) Does everyone else have their Saturday planned out like I do generally? I thought they did until I started living with my roommate Melissa. She seemed so happy and carefree on her Saturdays. Maybe that was before she became El Presidente. She seems to have more to do now. But maybe it's just the Christmas season.

So here's how you plan to fly by the seat of your pants. Towards the end of the week when you start having "I should do that on the Saturday" thoughts, you learn to label them. Instead of, I should do or will do this particular thing, you say, I could do this and you promptly let it go. If it tries to come back in your mind which some persistent thoughts do, you distract your mind with other thoughts like green grass that grows on a summer day (good winter thought), or a bell on a bicycle that was on one of your favorite movies that you can't remember the name of. You may let in a max of two plans but they can't be too time consuming.

Then, on the day of spontaneity, you decide a moment at a time what to do. The thoughts that once were pushed out are welcome to come back to you, and if you feel like it, you can do the particular activity.

So far I have practiced guitar for a long time, read in bed, layed in bed and thought, explored ALL of the features of my fantastic watch (Yes, I went through the whole english section of the owner's manual) that my friends gave me last night- it lets me control my ipod from it while exercising! I did one of the high priority things too. Who knows what the next few hours will bring. Mabye I'll even change the way I eat my apple.


Mary Ann said...

Congrats on being spontaneous! Did you find a lazy-boy?

glarcy said...

yes, maybe I was carefree, but I was carefree with headaches. Have you noticed now that I'm more busy on saturdays, I don't get as many headaches on that day? ...I am not meant to relax.