Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been a good and mellow Christmas here in Hurricane. On Christmas morning we eventually got around to opening gifts at about 10:00. I enjoyed watching them open theirs and of course enjoyed opening mine. A couple of weeks ago I started looking for an old Christmas tape that we used to listen to . . . Evie's Christmas. I love it, probably due to years of exposure. I found it on amazon for a mere $150.00. With that background you can imagine how excited I was to find that very CD (well, it was a actually a CD made from her tape- old and warbly as it is) in my stocking this year. Kudos to mothers who know what their children want for Christmas.

We've tried to get out at least once a day. Today we got out for church. Other than that we've been napping. My first nap took place a half hour after I woke up. The second nap was during church. I did not nap during Sunday School. The teacher showed a Jars of Clay video ( for part of his lesson. I was sitting anxiously hoping the bishop wouldn't walk in and catch him using non-church material for his lesson. I just woke up from my third nap. Disgusted with myself for not being able to control my sleeping habits, here I am, doing something somewhat productive.


Mary Ann said...

There's nothing wrong with catching up on sleep during the holidays.

glarcy said...

wow. we really have switched places

jojoba said...

napping is an essential holiday activity. Good job!