Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dating is a Pain in the Butt

I have to give Carla credit for being the inspiration for this blog. I was visiting her the other day after yet another visit to the physical therapist. She, after reviewing the last month of butt pain I've had, concluded that "dating is a pain in the a__".

Here are the facts that her conclusion is based upon and a little background. I've had an SI joint problem for a year now.

It's the left joint on me if you're curious. There are a lot of symptoms, but my favorite description is, "A pain in the buttocks". It's true on more than one level.

So the month of February was a good one for me, not only because it was my birthday, I got to see my sister-in-law and cute nieces at my parents' house, and of course just spend time with friends, but I had two full weeks of no pain. That ended the night I went to Iggy's and sat and watched the olympics for two hours in an uncomfortable booth. Sitting aggravates the condition and my friend, butt pain, was back and is still very close to me.

One important point Carla considered, that I hadn't- I went to Iggy's on a date. I feel her conclusion that dating is a pain in the butt is quite rational and applicable in this situation. Though overall I feel it is a good thing to do:)


jojoba said...

That stinks, but I'm glad you were able to have 2 weeks pain free

Jeff said...

I do remember dating being a pain in the butt. Although, for me it was metaphorical and not literal. It's not a pain anymore once you find the one person you want to be dating forever. At least the metaphorical pain end there. I can't make any guarantees about the physical pain.

Mary Ann said...

I'm so sorry about your butt pain! Wouldn't that be so weird/awesome if it all went away on your wedding day? I'll start praying for your wedding to come soon. :)

Two Story Torrey said...
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Two Story Torrey said...

He must have been an amazing guy for you to endure that pain. No more booth dates till it gets better!!! If you really like a guy and you have to do the booth bring your pillow I'm sure he won't mine.

Bet it didn't hurt as bad as the snowboarder that we saw land on his in the half-pipe. :)

Butt his probably went away yours is a lingerer...hope the broken booty gets better soon.