Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things to do in Cambria

What's my favorite vacation spot you ask? Cambria, California. What do you do there? Nothing, really. Visiting there involves a lot of laying around, reading, going on walks. Little things become big parts of the day. Here's a typical list of things to do.

- Go see the big sycamore at the Linn's Fruit Bin Farmhouse store. The avocado trees are a hit too.
- Look for moonstones at Moonstone Beach. That's one beach where you see a bunch of people walk around with their heads down for a good reason.

- Buy a year's supply of olalliberry pies.
- Go to the used book store.
- Sit on benches in town and read. Get a free lemonade and sugar cookie from nice store owners.
- Pick your nose. Just kidding, it's far too humid to pick.
- Watch the sea otters in Morro Bay.
- Watch the waves roll in at Morro Rock (and try to keep the sea gulls off your hood in the meantime).

- Go to the beach fully clothed and never get too hot.
- Drive highway 1 and try not to get sick. Go to the bathroom at the Pebble Beach Golf Course. Go to a car show on the way. Choose a new sports car.

It's a good life in that town most don't know even exists.

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Mary Ann said...

I'm jealous! Especially of the nose-picking. :)