Saturday, September 11, 2010

Captain Von Trapp

I've felt quite nostalgic lately. For me, life was pure happiness until about age 12. Probably a common thing. So any memories that I have from that time are pure happiness, resurrected. 80's music. The movie, Goonies. Tapered jeans. Leggings. Thick elastic belts worn at the true waistline. It helps that the latest trends in fashion are visiting that time period.

Then there's The Sound of Music. My sister loved it first. It only brings back good memories (except when the Mother nun sings. I never liked that part) I've used lines from it as quotes from talks. My first year of teaching I felt like Maria walking down the lane singing the song about confidence. I listen to the song Maria sings to Captain Von Trapp in the gazebo scene. I know it's a bunch of cheese but I might find a little hope in her words about having a wicked past but somehow having things work out well eventually. *Sigh*

I had another revelation about the connection between that movie and my life the other day after I had planned the first P.E. lesson for my students. The first day of P.E. is all about expectations- how the students will get equipment, put it away, listen to instructions, stop play to listen to more instructions, etc. I decided to do a short whistle for them to freeze and put their attention on me. A long whistle would mean that they needed to bring their equipment in and come sit at my feet for some longer instruction. Well, it worked. My students responded fantastically! Proud of myself for avoiding the moments of hell I experienced last year as I taught P.E., it then dawned on me that Captain Von Trapp came to the same conclusions about the joys of whistles. Then, it further dawned on me that I am Captain Von Trapp.

Note the precious whistle in hand

This is my class, essentially. Lined up, feet foward, hands to their sides.

I hate to call myself a man. I am definitely a woman. But, I'm that regimented, structured adult with unrealistically high expectations when I feel some sense of responsibility.

Then I thought of Maria and the lovely effect she had on that man.

I thought of the Marias in my life, the friends/family/co-workers that see the bigger picture and help me mellow out. So thank you to the Marias. And thank you to old movies who help me see what a great effect other people have on me.


Mary Ann said...

So are you saying that you're actually Bishop/Pres. Seale? :) Long live Brigitta!!!

glarcy said...

Grettle's where it's at. She gets to go to bed the earliest AND she gets carried there!

I think I too am a captain Von Trapp. I am way too uptight about things. I wonder who my maria's are....