Sunday, March 15, 2009


Had the perfect road trip yesterday. We experienced all the joys of car-riding, without it taking up a whole weekend. Good company, good conversation, good times. We got in the car at 9:45ish. Arrived in Randolph, Utah at 11:45. Ate scrumptious eggs and hashbrowns at Vanice's Open House. Got in the car at 12:45. Arrived home at 2:45 . . . I think. I can't remember the times exactly on the arrival. I was in the backseat, where time is put on hold.

What I like about sitting in the backseat of a car on long car rides:

- Putting my foot up on the console between the two front seats.
- Gazing out the window at the animal tracks in the snow.
- Gazing at little farms.
- Gazing out at anything.
- Having a good view of everyone in the car without craning my neck.
- Putting my left foot between the side of the car and the seat on a little plastic something.
- Letting my mind drift from the conversation because, for some reason, it's okay to be anti-social in the backseat.

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glarcy said...

ode to the backseat...I like it, and it's all true. I just wish I could hear better.