Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite Spot?

I think everyone should have a favorite spot in their house.

Past spots:

Fresno, California- the blue chair

Morgan, Utah- my aunt's toy loft

Orem, Utah- my couch (if you lay across it, your bum fits perfectly between two of the cushions, depending upon height I guess)

Cambria, California- window seat


jojoba said...

Orem, Utah: Backyard swing or library chair.

Lubbock, Texas: Living room, which is nearly empty of furniture

glarcy said...

Orem, UT: the heater vent next to the couch

Orem, UT: the heater vent next to the couch

Lytle Ranch UT: the top of the movie screen, next to the mesquite bush

Smithfield UT: On a sleeping bag; sliding down the stairs

Lubbock TX: the air mattress in the guest bedroom

Amanzimtoti, SA: old grimy chair in front of the coffee table

Andrew Henry's Meadow said...

So I'm curious how you both react when someone might be in your spot. I'm having a hard time here.

glarcy said...'s not too often someone is on the heater vent. :) But, sometimes the nieces and nephews are congregated on the air mattress in Lubbock. Then I just shoo them off and close the door after them. you should try that.

Good luck! I'm sure you are reacting fine (on the outside)...considering all those times I've been in your fav spot and you've been nothing but kind. (though, it does make me wonder what you're thinking on the inside)

jojoba said...

I have more trouble when someone is in my accustomed parking spot at the lab (facing away from the gate, on the end, next to the lamp post). Then I just frown and think angry thoughts and maybe mutter to myself a bit.

Andrew Henry's Meadow said...

My favorite spot here has changed due to my little niece, Bella. It's the hammock in the corner of the yard. Good place to sing songs and make animal sounds like no one is listening.

glarcy said...

did bella take your window seat?!

I'm seeing how many comments we can get on your blog... :)

Andrew Henry's Meadow said...

No she didn't. Mostly the older grandkids. It is nice to see such a big number next to the comments!