Thursday, June 9, 2011


I feel there are stages to a vacation.

Stage 1: Sleepiness

Because of the stress involved in actually making it to your vacation, you drop to sleep quite quickly while attempting to do any vacationy things like reading books, going on car rides, watching movies, and even conversing with the people you're vacationing with. You sleep 10 hours a night in addition to the cat naps the day affords you.

Stage 2: True vacation mode

Once you are able to get adequate sleep, then you can truly do the vacationy things you wanted to do during the first stage, but were unable. This is pure happiness.

Stage 3: Slight boredom

You hate to admit it, but you start to get tired of the vacationy things. They bring you less fulfillment. You want to have something to work on, yet you don't because you're on vacation and shouldn't. You start to vary the vacationy things in your day so as to not overdo any one thing. You start to plan your days out with something productive in them. You contemplate sightseeing.

I hate to say it, but I'm already in stage 3. I'm sure I will make it through. No need to fret about me on my vacation. I'm a survivor.

I'm not quite sure what stage is next . . .


Mary Ann said...

Wow, I can't believe you're already bored of Hawaii. I wish I were bored in Hawaii. :)

glarcy said...

I see you were so bored you painted a new background for your blog. I knew you were a budding artist.

R said...

lol. Just come spend some time helping me with 3 kids for 24/7 and that'll cure ya.
Glad to see you enjoyed it! :)